Growth of US immigrant chefs for the love of food, family and culture

Growth of US immigrant chefs for the love of food, family and culture



Migration has defined food culture for centuries that has travelled from continent to continent, shaping taste and culture and bringing cultures across the world together. America is a country of immigrants and now more than ever we are embracing foods from all over the world and incorporating scrumptious world food into the food landscape.

Immigrant chefs in Los Angeles, although coming from diverse backgrounds, create new cuisines by innovation and cultural interaction. These chefs come all way long to share their different cuisine styles in California as this city is known for its fusion cuisine. While traditional techniques and flavors are celebrated, immigrants and their children find new expressions of their identities through food. 

These immigrant chefs deliberately shape one’s perception of what is the best via their specific cooking techniques & specialized equipments etc. They are bringing recipes, food, and cooking techniques that we have never had, and expanding our knowledge of different food cultures, always creating something new and interesting. These immigrants are impacting Los Angeles food culture by adding their own knowledge, helping the overall culture to grow and evolve. They are exposing the mainstream culture with their local cuisines which is a positive influence of sharing cultures thereby impacting growth & progression of different styles of food in US. Someone has rightly said that there would be no fusion foods without immigrants.

Some factors why food industry needs immigrant:-

Low wages due to undocumented agricultural workforce keeps domestic food prices down & thus leads to labor shortage which is a major concern inviting immigrants chefs to take over the food industry. There are estimated 1.4 million restaurant workers who  are foreign born, working as chefs, dishwashers, busboys, adding up to about 10% of the restaurant industry’s workforce. These are low paying   but obviously still necessary to keep the restaurant industry in business.

Online food system is changing the way restaurants interact with their customers. Enhanced convenience enables hungry customers to order the way they want, using the device they prefer. 

1. Various benefits of online food industry provided by immigrant chefs are:

2. Ease of ordering & paying.

3. Convenient & mostly preferred way of local people to get food in no time.

Helps in growing new customer base thereby increasing sales, growth and many more.

Lastly, online food industry is becoming an increasingly large portion of everyone's business & immigrant chefs play a vital role in putting it on demand.