Top American foods to try

Top American foods to try

Whenever somebody mentions American food, all that comes to our mind is “fast, junk, processed, something ready to eat and super easy to make.” Americans are fond of savoury and lip smacking dishes and they make sure that they satisfy their taste buds to the fullest. They do not know how to compromise when it comes to their culinary desires. Perhaps, this is the reason American cuisine is known for its delicious food items, some of which are listed below.








New Haven, Connecticut is renowned as the birthplace of hamburgers. Back in 1900, the establishment was run by Louis Lassen, whose great grandson, Jeff Lassen spearheads the ship that still serve burgers. The burgers get their classic taste from the five-meat blend they are made from and later cooked in a cast iron grill, which is a 100 year old. With every single American holding different opinions about where to grab the best hamburgers, this place manages to be the favourite for the majority.  





This delightful fold of corn or wheat tortilla with a variety of delicious fillings including vegetables, cheese, beef, pork, chicken and even seafood, allowing diverse options for all the food lovers to treat their taste buds in the most splendid ways. Los Angeles serves delicious tacos in almost every street corner. Want to skip all the confusion?  El Huarache Azteca in the neighbourhood of Highland Park is the place for you to try some amazing, fingers licking tacos.


Apple Pie




Who can resist this perfect, heavenly combination of sweet, buttery pastry, laden with tart sliced apples? The resulting dessert is so delicious and soul satisfying that people have been investing ample amounts of time in perfecting the art of making apple pie. Don’t you trust our words? Pie-O-Neer, in Pie Town, New Mexico, serves excellent apple pie with added green chilies. Kathy Knapp, the self-proclaimed "Pie Lady of Pie Town", will be happy to serve you.






Made from corn that is ground into course meal and then boiled, grits are something you cannot live without, once you get addicted to. Grits are rightly known for the versatility they offer to the foodies when combined with eggs, bacon, country ham and so many other dishes. Adding to the variation, there are alkali treated corn known as hominy grits.Do try some at Blossom Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina and thank us later.






The name itself sounds so satisfying. As the name suggests, it is basically ground meat mixed with other ingredients and formed into a loaf shape.It can be made from beef, pork, poultry, lamb and even our very favourite seafood. It constitutes the part of main course.Enjoy it roasted topped with seasonings and sauce.


With the names of top American foods right in front of you, what is stopping you from stepping out and satisfying your food cravings by grabbing one of these.