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  • Top American foods to try

    30 Jan 18

    Whenever somebody mentions American food, all that comes to our mind is “fast, junk, processed, something ready to eat and super easy to make.” Americans are fond of savoury and lip smacking dishes and they make sure that they satisfy their taste buds to the fullest. They do not know how to compromise when it comes to their culinary desires. Perhaps, this is the reason American cuisine is known for its delicious food items, some of which are listed below.

  • The Most Popular Traditional Food in Usa

    17 Sep 18

    Fast, easy, processed and preserved... What most people think about the American foodies eat. Although fast-food restaurants are very common. It's a common saying " Excess of anything is bad" even it's junk food. That's why Health Professionals and the government of the USA recommend that everyone should eat from different varieties of food. With the onset of Modernism, life has become far more hectic, busy and complicated, people have become a junkie which makes them devoid of healthy nutrients. SWANKCOOK is one the restaurant in the USA, where u can dine in to have the best of traditional USA dishes enriched with calories and nutrients. Our main motives are to help you be on the track of day-to-day activities.