The online food delivery industry is booming, what’s next?

Food delivery drivers

These days with all the gig type jobs with drivers like Uber eats, DoorDash, GrubHub. The online food delivery industry is booming, what’s next?

Well, some of these drivers are going to see something they could do better at and launch their own startup.

There could be some barriers for these new startups like money, software, know how, and a plan. Until now; a company called SwankCook offers a white label platform for a wide range of gig driver, home food business, chefs, bakers and even the growing healthy hemp foods market said CEO Greg Spates. has an easy to use platform enabling small food businesses to easily create, edit, and manage applications online. Motivated entrepreneur drivers could easily tap into the food delivery market and grow a small business, the one thing the big online food companies don’t won’t drivers to know, is that it is as easy as finding food to sell.


How did doordash, grubhub, ubereats get started? “data entry”. At first they just started putting restaurant menus on their sites, and getting people to pick the food up and deliver. Most of the time they did not even ask the restaurants, this approach aloud for rapid growth across the country.


Now that it is such big business restaurant owners feel compelled to be on these platforms no matter the high fees, say CFO from a large restaurant chain or lose business. The advantage for these new gig startups is that the market is primed for growth, the online food industry has been accepted by people everywhere and has a ton of growth to come.  

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