These Home Cook Small Business Entrepreneurs Are Disrupting Restaurants AB626

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Selling food from home is NOT a small batch of cookies anymore, Bloggers you might want to share with your readers about
We have built the first California home cook AB 626 compliant website made to help home cooks get started on the right path. SwankCook has been around for over 1 year but we did not try to market to home cooks do to the laws at the time. 
Greg Spates  SwankCook CEO says, from what I have read in the law it is a requirement for home cook to sell on a third party site, that includes the sellers permit, insurance and a site must have a reporting function for the customers to report any problems with food. The third party site must report any food sellers if they get multiple food problems.

We are happy to help any home cook start up for free, we will give advice, help them set up a profile, give them tools to sell and grow their small business. This new law I believe will even disrupt some restaurants, normally these home cook have been people selling tamales, salads and other food items to friends or neighbors to make a little money.

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 Now with this new California law AB626  it will open the doors to real food selling entrepreneurs and food start up companies. That like all the tech startups that save money by starting out of their garages. This law is so new know one really knows about it, when you start hearing about a small home food start up that gets its first venture capital round people will react.

SwankCook hopes to be there with those amazing food entrepreneurs.
Greg Spates - CEO - SwankCook

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